Ensayo en inglés sobre la música

El siguiente texto es un ensayo personal sobre la música. Es un ensayo corto y claro que ayudará, en especial, a la práctica del inglés mediante un texto accesible.

For times immemorial, music has been a part of the human since there was even the notion of memory, has been linked with us since we created the simplest form that is contemplated on what is a sound. I believe that the first manifestation of this talent or better said that we have was through a combination of sounds created through the union and agreement with the sounds so that they could have what we know as rhythm, which evolved to reach the concept of music and sounds that we have today.
It is difficult to have a record of all the types of sounds or genres from which the music is derived, starting at the beginning with percussion sounds (drum, or the sound of tapping with any object) deriving time later with the sounds of wind (flute, organ, whistle etc.) to become what we know today with string sounds (guitar, violin, cello, etc ..) and other sounds coming out as synthetics, also known as synthesizers. To this we add the concordance of the mixed sounds that results in a series of compacts that create a rhythm, to which a series of rhythms creates a melody, and from the melody a score is created to arrive at what is known as song.
We can take as an example the sounds of the Egyptian dance, which was used to venerate great days, and to be able to connect the body with the mind, as does the Hindu culture. Others, like Mesoamerican cultures, created music and mixed it with dance to worship and devote their gods. Other artistic manifestations can also be named, such as Greek music, Roman music, continuing with the music of the Middle Ages, reaching the Renaissance, where music took new paths and developed in the humanistic thought and illustration, which were combined with sounds from different parts of the planet ..
Nowadays, music, more than a distraction, is a way to unite ideas with a single purpose, happiness and enjoyment of the human mystical sense. We really do not know why this extraordinary ability to create music through our body interpreted by our senses, and our thoughts, what makes me feel fantastic is to feel that vibration as a kind of chill that gives when you feel music to run throughout your body in any kind of music that is accustomed to listening, be it classical, renaissance, ancient, religious, colonial, cultural or simply artistic, as it is that which makes one dance, this reminds me of a Sufi story, which talks about a deaf man who had never heard music, and it was strange to see the people around him moving in a way as if they were controlled by a divine force, which made them move in an incredible way , and he did not understand why. When one day the doctor of the tribe offered to cure him of his deafness, he understood how beautiful and wonderful music is. Nietszche says it in such a simple way, and at the same time, so sincere: «If in the world music did not exist, life would be a mistake».
I think that music makes us part of something bigger than ourselves, it makes us realize the wonders of life without the need to fall into excess, it is a way of venting ourselves, of finding ourselves. I speak on behalf of all when I say that I have not met a single being who has not enjoyed the wonder of music, and I do not mean only that which is created by man, but also that which is created by nature. , from the song of the bird, the majestic sound of the wind hitting your face that gives a sensation of unprecedented tranquility, or the sound of the leaves when they fall, that really to be able to listen to it has one to be deeply concentrated and relaxed, or the sound of the waves, which give a sensation of inner peace, or the meow of a cat, or the laughter of a newborn, or the sound of whales when they try to communicate with each other, and why not? the sweet sound from a voice that seduces with the words that emanate from its mouth; That dear friends, is what I call music, and if something I’m sure, is that the gift of musical majesty, is an interpretation of our creator, to try to imagine what he is thinking.

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